Episode 005 – Passive Income, Digital Products & 5 Million Web Visitors with Susie Romans

Susie Romans and Molly Marie Venture Shorts Podcast

Susie Romans Venture Shorts Podcast

Susie Romans helps women who have a powerful expertise, skill, talent or story to create freedom with an online business model that allows you to work less and earn more.

As an online business coach she has assisted hundreds of clients in the creation and growth of their online brand. With a personal blog that has reached 5.3 Million web visitors (with no advertising) she is an expert in marketing and online based business models.

Susie is redefining whats possible as a work at home mom and CEO of a thriving business.

Quickly turning her experience over the last seven years in sales, digital marketing and lead generation into a profitable business she has helped women and small businesses owners across the globe bring in millions in revenue.

In this episode, find out how Susie has built a business while raising two children, the major shift she made from selling her time to selling products, and the advice she has for new entrepreneurs who want more traffic and sales. Watch the episode now:

“You will never fail if you don’t quit.”
-Susie Romans
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Shift from selling your time to selling courses and products, so it can be more passive income. This is going to give your business some stability so you know how much you’re going to make every month. Payment plans are especially great for giving everyone the opportunity to buy your products.
  2. Create boundaries and schedule time for your business. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.
  3. If you want traffic, be consistent with it. It will work if you keep tweaking and learn from mentors. Don’t give up! Some days you will be crying on the floor, but if you get back up, you will find success.

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