EPISODE 065 – Achieving work-life balance with Sonaya Williams

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Sonaya Williams is the founder of The CEO Partner®, a training and development company that teaches heart-centered servant leaders, implementers, admin professionals, virtual assistants, and online business managers how to attract 6 & 7 figure clients. She also teaches go-getter business owners how to scale and grow their company to the multiple million-dollar mark in record time.

“Stop trying to do business by yourself.”
– Sonaya Williams
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. If you’re looking to get introduced to a community of your ideal clients, try working with or for someone else who also services the same group of people. In return for your services or time, simply ask to be promoted to their community instead.
  2. Structure your calendar so you work on certain projects on certain days. For example, Monday is a writing day, Tuesday is a meeting day, and so on.
  3. If you’re the visionary, hire someone to do the nuts and bolts work for you. If you try to do everything yourself, you’ll never get it all done.

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