How to Run a Successful Black Friday Sale for Your Online Business

How to Run a Successful Black Friday Sale for Your Online Business

How to Have a Successful Black Friday Sale for Your Online BusinessBlack Friday is associated with screaming crowds, people fighting over toasters & camping outside of stores until the crack of dawn. 

What every online entrepreneur should be associating Black Friday with is MASSIVE sales potential.

I remember back to 2013, the first year of my first online business. I remember traveling to my parents house for thanksgiving and as we were driving (I was working in the passenger seat and my hubby was driving) my friend texted me asking if I was doing a Black Friday sale. I said no (I mean honestly I thought people only shopped in person on Black Friday) and she said “Molly you need to get SOMETHING up or you’ll regret it!”

So in the car I scrambled to decide which product to put on sale, for what price & wrote an email to go out to my email list announcing the sale details.

As soon as I got to my family’s house I basically forgot I had created the sale. They don’t have internet and I barely had any cell service. On our drive home though I thought I’d check my paypal account to see if I had any luck with sales. To my surprise I had brought in FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Are you kidding me?! From one email?!

Needless to say I’ve been sold on doing Black Friday Sales every since. Last year that same business did $8k on black friday itself and $26k during the week of Black Friday, we do a week long sale model now.

In this post I’m going to show you how to have your own successful Black Friday sale!

How to Have a Successful Black Friday Sale:

  1. What You Should SellThe first thing to ask yourself is, what is your goal with this sale? Is it to build your email list? Is it to make money? If it’s to build your email list I would do a deal for something crazy like $1 and each purchaser will be put onto your email list. If it’s to make money you can choose anything at all! I personally always choose my most popular selling product and put that on sale for Black Friday. Normally throughout the year we will put things $50 off every now and then but for Black Friday we do 50% off so it’s a MUCH larger deal! The thing with Black Friday is it NEEDS to be a crazy good deal or nobody will care. There are already so many other great deals out there and yours needs to be incredible as well.
  2. How Long it Should Be on SaleYou can have a sale as simple as having 1 item on sale for Black Friday only. I would recommend you start that sale anytime between 6pm-11:59pm on Thanks Giving Day and have it end Black Friday at 11:59pm. That is what I did the first year I had a Black Friday Sale. Now I do something a bit more complex. I start my Black Friday sale Monday the week of Thanksgiving and end it on Cyber Monday (the monday following Thanksgiving. Every day we have a different products on sale for 24 hrs. I would recommend starting out simple if you’re new to this and see how it goes. Then each year you can start to get more complex. Find what works for you and expand on that and then ditch what didn’t work as well.
  3. How You Should Advertise it The first year I did a Black Friday sale I created a blog post where I listed my product on sale, how much & the link to the checkout form where they could buy it. I also listed out a number of affiliates products that were on sale for Black Friday as well. I then emailed my email list letting them know the sale was coming a couple days before, then a day before, then 1 email on Black Friday & 1 email a couple hrs before the deal was closing.With the deal we do now where we have a different product on sale for 24 hrs we email them everyday to let them know what the new deal of the day is.

    The best way is to advertise to your existing email list. If you’re not focusing on building an email list START NOW. This is the single most important thing when owning and online business. Below this blog post is a free list building challenge you can opt into to learn how to build your email list. Other ways you can advertise your Black Friday deal is to create an affiliate program and tell people about your deal and that they will make X% of each sale. This will be an incentive for them to add your deal to their Black Friday blog post if they’re doing one. You can also advertise your deal on social media, that said email is ALWAYS better then social media in my experience.

    How to Run a Successful Black Friday Sale for Your Online Business
    (example of my Black Friday interest opt in page)

  4. When You Should Start Advertising ItStart advertising it as soon as you can or at the very most a month ahead. I like to build an interest page where they can opt in with their name & email to be notified when the sale officially starts. I then advertise that page a month in advance and leading all the way up until the sale to build interest and build my email list. I email my list letting them know about the sale coming up and then I also post a few times a week via buffer to let everyone via social media know it’s coming as well.
  5. Your Black Friday Sales PageThis can be as simple as a blog post with a picture of what you’re selling, the normal price, the discounted price & a link to your checkout page or paypal. You could also just email your list and link directly to your existing sales page or checkout form.Since I do a surprise deal every day that’s only on sale for 24 hrs I like to create small sales pages with a special discount code on the page & a link to the checkout form.

    Here’s an example:

    How to Run a Successful Black Friday Sale for Your Online Business How to Run a Successful Black Friday Sale for Your Online Business

    Now it’s your turn! It your time to go set up your Black Friday deal and take advantage of this HUGE shopping day! If you have any questions or want to network with like minded entrepreneurs join the Venture Shorts Community FB Group, it’s free and pretty darn epic if I do say so myself!