Why I Think Pre Launch Video Series Suck and What To Do Instead – EPISODE 152

Why I Think Pre Launch Video Series Suck and What To Do Instead - EPISODE 152

Why I Think Pre Launch Video Series Suck and What To Do Instead - EPISODE 152


Hey BizVenturers Molly Keyser here and I’m so stoked today to chat with you about why I think pre launch videos suck and what to do instead.

If you’re unfamiliar with pre launch videos they’re typically a series of 3 or more videos leading up to the launch of a digital product or course.

The 3 videos typically teach 1 overarching thing, typically 1 piece of info from what you’re selling and position you as an expert by showing your achievements, student testimonials and more.

You promote this free video series to wake up your existing list, build your email list with new followers & share some great content so that by the end they will hopefully want what you’re offering them.

Back in 2013 & 2014 I had really great success with this pre launch model but I’m going to call it. I think this way of selling your digital goods is dead.

Gone are the days of people wanting to sit behind their computer and watch an obviously pre-recorded video for 30-90 minutes.

I mean let’s get real – who has time for that?

Listen #BizVenturers I’m all about planning but one thing you can’t plan is LIVE video (well for the most part at least).

And as much as we can fight it it’s what our audiences want! We’re sick of automation & faking automation – we want to see what people are up to IN REAL TIME.

They want to connect with US in real time & get the most up to date information possible.

I don’t know about you but I could care less if somebody is making a video with the latest drone flying techniques if the content is crap.

And I could care less about the video quality or if the person recording hasn’t showered in 4 days if the content is amazing.

We’re here to learn – what works – bottom line.

So if the PLC video series is dead – then you’re probably wanting to ask me – MOLLY what is working?!

Ok I’m about to share that with you – are you excited yet?!

I recently tested out doing a series of fb lives that my fb ad manager promoted to warm and cold leads.

I did a series of 5 videos all around one topic – email list growth.

One of my favorite topics if you haven’t learned that yet ha.

The product I was mentioning at the end was my online membership site for entrepreneurs who want to sell digital info products online – it’s called Startup to 6 Figures

Now I knew nobody would care about creating a digital product if they didn’t have anyone to sell it to.

And that’s what you need to do too – think about something they need before your product and something you can get them results with FAST. Because if you can prove to them you can get them REAL results, even if they’re small that’s when they’ll trust you enough to invest in anything else you’re offering.

So I decided my amazing pre launch content would be based around growing an email list of raving fans who want to buy what you’re selling.

So I did 1 fb LIVE video each day for 5 days leading up to my launch.

I made sure the titles were based around WHAT they’d be learning and they value they’d get. The worst thing I see people doing is titling their videos things like video 1 of 5 – NOBODY cares or knows what is. All people want to know is what’s in it for them and how it will help them.

Time is precious and I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to give up a chunk of my day to a fb live video without knowing at least a hint of what I’ll be taking away from it first.

Each fb live video was about 5-10 mins or less, gave amazing actionable content that they could go out and get results with right then and there & at the end of each video I mentioned my awesome live webinar training called: “How I Created a 6 Figure Business Around the Knowledge I already Had and how you can too!”

Now see what I said there. 5-10 mins, actionable content, they can go get results NOW. THIS IS KEY.

Oh also make sure when you do something you’re doing it in it’s native state. So don’t do this fb live series all fancy pre-recorded and then say it’s LIVE via OBS – ACTUALLY DO IT LIVE.

Also make sure you’re just holding your phone verticle and being a REAL person LOL when you do your fb live. Don’t try to do it through your computer or with slides or anything fancy. Just be yourself, share great info & get your audience results. Just be real.

Nobody wants to be sold to – people want to learn from REAL people what really works.

Not from somebody they can smell from a mile away is trying to sell them something.

My goal with these fb lives was to prove to warm and cold traffic that I’m the real deal, I know my shit & I can get them results.

My goal was also to get them into the webinar so they could learn more about me, more from me & see if Startup to 6 Figures was the right fit for them.

So again at the beginning and end of each fb live I not only asked them to share it out and be the hero by helping their friends grow their email lists too but I invited them to sign up for my free webinar training – I told them the title and how it would help them, simple as that.

So in asana I assigned myself a fb live along with the video topic & title for each day for 5 days leading up to launch. I did the fb lives that morning on my Venture Shorts business page & then shared them out online to my personal page and group as well.

Now I just did these on the fly but if you haven’t been teaching your material for years of FB live makes you nervous – write out bullet points so you don’t freeze up, forget or get lost.

I also invited anyone watching to share out the video to be the hero to their friends and help them build their lists as well.

Once each live was over I would email the link to my FB manager, Jessica Walman & she would then run the fb lives to warm and cold leads.

Something to add is we only ran the first 2 videos in the series to cold traffic – this was her idea so that a cold lead wasn’t seeing day 4 of 5 when they haven’t even seen days 1 or 2. I thought that was a great idea.

I also emailed my email list right after I did each fb live with the link for them to watch it, a screen shot of the video they could click to watch it & bullet points so they were intrigued to want to watch it.

I also made sure to link my email list to the video INSIDE of my group that way if they weren’t part of my fb group yet they’d have to request to join first.

I did however record the video on my business page (so we could run ads to it) and then I share it to my group from there.

This series went over really well and I was able to wake up my audience with some new amazing content while also growing my email list in the process before my launch.

During the live presentation I made sure to answer any questions I got an interact as much as possible with my audience.

The more you can interact the quicker you will form TRUE FANS with your business.

Be a real person. Get people results. Care about your audience. It’s as simple as that.

I’d highly recommend you try a fb live series leading up to your next launch.

And I’d also recommend taking the time to plan out the topic & titles for your fb lives ahead of time.

Thanks so much for listening it’s been super fun hanging with you and chatting your ear off about pre launch content! I hope you’ve found this helpful, inspiring, intriguing or all of the above!