Think Pinterest is Just for Cupcakes and Shoes? Think Again!

I was not an early Pinterest adapter. I think, like most people, my initial reaction was, “Oh great, another time suck.”

And it can be. You log on to Pinterest to browse ideas for dinner for “just five minutes, I swear,” and suddenly, two hours of colorful cupcake recipes and drool-worthy shoes later, you finally order take-out because now you’re starving and everything you pinned involves some kind of weird ingredient you don’t keep in the house, like quinoa or kale.

But Pinterest is about a lot more than just the typical image-heavy topics like food and fashion. In fact, most businesses can use Pinterest to connect with new fans. You just have to think about your content in a new way.

Namely, you need to start thinking in pictures.

When you write a blog post talking about the amazing benefits of your product, include an infographic.

When you have a sale, create an eye-catching graphic.

When you introduce a new product, take a picture, and add some text to tell people why they should care.

You can also use Pinterest boards to….

  • …show your company culture. Pin pictures of your company picnic or shots around office.
  • …add maps to your locations. Use the Pinterest “maps” feature and include your address to help people find you.
  • …connect with other business owners. Pin their stuff, comment on their pins, and build a friendship so you can work together on future promotions.

If you want to learn more about Pinterest, the blog and podcast Oh So Pinteresting! is a good place to start. Like all social networks, Pinterest is constantly evolving, so it is important to always keep learning.

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