How to use Pinterest to Drive Crazy Amounts of Traffic to Your Blog Posts

How to Use Pinterest for More Blog Traffic

How to Use Pinterest for More Blog TrafficPinterest is the 2nd highest source of traffic for all of my websites, right behind google as my number one source of traffic.

Even if you haven’t started to utilize the power of pinterest traffic yet, it’s never too late! I still use these same techniques weekly in all of my businesses to drive crazy amounts of traffic to my websites.

Getting traffic from pinterest is free, easier then you’d think & is a great way to get in front of your ideal audience.

I made this short fb live training to talk you through how I do it all step by step.

(training written out below this video if you’re not a fan of learning from video)

How to get Traffic to Your Blog Posts from Pinterest:


  1. Find topics that are already popular on pinterest (no need to reinvent the wheel).If you haven’t already make a pinterest account and log in.  From there use the search bar at the top to search about your niche and see which posts are getting a lot of repins. You’ll be able to know when a pinned post has a lot of “repins” (times it’s been re pinned to their boards aka shared) by looking in the bottom right corner for a tack symbol and a number. That number indicates the number of re-pins.How to Create a Viral Pin on Pinterest
  2. Choose Your Topic.You’ll want to choose a topic for your blog post that you’re educated on, enjoying teaching about & that has been proved popular via re-pins from searching on pinterest. The key isn’t to copy existing popular pins but to find what’s popular and do your own spin on that topic.
  3. Create Highly Re-pinable (is that a word?) GraphicsSearch pinterest a little longer and start to take note of the pins that are highly repinned and what those graphics look like. What colors are they using? What size are those pins? Is the text large or small? Use what you’ve concluded to make your own graphic to ensure it has a higher change of getting seen and going viral. Use canva, pic monkey or photoshop to create your own graphics for free or hire a designer to do it for you.
  4. Create or Re-purpose Your ContentIf you already have blog posts you think are great but that aren’t getting enough traffic you can use this technique to make a new graphic and pin it to pinterest. If you don’t have any blog posts you can create one now.  Make sure your blog content is easy to follow, well laid out & has a good call to action at the end like a freebie they can receive by joining your email list.
  5. Pin your Pin!Now that you have your topic decided, your blog post done & your graphic ready to go it’s time to pin it! If you have a pinterest following, great! If not a good place to start is by joining shared pinterest boards. Find big name people in your niche on pinterest and see what group boards they’re in. You can do this by going to their profile and seeing which of their boards has a group symbol on it (symbol looks like the silhouette of a group of people).
    How to Join Group Pinterest BoardsOnce you’ve found some group boards you want to join ask to join! You can do this by clicking on the board. Once you’ve clicked on the board you’ll see circles with faces in them, these are some of the people in the group board. You’ll also see a number on a bubble and if you click on that you’ll see everyone in the board. In order to find the owner of the board to message them and ask to join you’ll need to click this circle. Once you’ve clicked it the owner will be the first person listed and it will say next to their name “creator.” Click on the creator’s name and “follow” their pinterest board as well as the group pinterest board you want to join. Then click the paper airplane icon by the group creator’s name to send them a message. Message them and ask them to add to add you to the group board.


    Once you’ve been added you can pin your new pin! The more group boards you join the more places you can re-pin your pin and the better change it will have at going viral and getting seen.

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