Episode 039 – How Paul Hutchings Grew a Successful Business with Visualization + Action


Paul Hutchings is a friend, family man and freedom crusader. He’s the creator of GrowRichAudios.com… born to help people be free. In this video lesson, he’s going to tell you exactly how he went from living in a trailer and making a few hundred dollars a month to building a successful business doing something he loves:

“Plant your roots in good soil.”
– Paul Hutchings
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Visualize the goals you want to achieve, then take action. You need to put together a business plan and organize your thoughts, starting with your vision first. If your actions are scattered, you’re never going to be able to reach your goals.
  2. Create content that you can put in front of the people looking for it. Those are the best possible people you can connect with, because they actually want what you have to sell.
  3. Seek out principles in whatever you’re doing. Surround yourself with people who are teaching real techniques that will help your business grow. Even an oak tree can’t thrive if it is planted in bad soil. Plant your roots in good soil.

Resources Mentioned & How to Connect: