Episode 050 – Mike Keyser’s Top Networking Tips for Growing a New Business from the Ground Up


Mike Keyser is the founder of Key Industrial Plastics, a plastics vacuum forming and fabricating company. He started his company in the basement of his house and has grown it to include 12,000 square feet of manufacturing & warehouse space. They currently employ 8 people with gross annual sales of $1.2 million. In this episode, Mike talks about how he used his relationships from the past to start and grow his business when he lost his job.

“If you don’t feel you are a legitimate business, you won’t be.”
– Mike Keyser
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. When you are first starting your business, take advantage of the network you already have. Talk to people you already know and knock on doors so you can see how you help people. Make sure you can leave your information with them, and call them to follow up and remind them that exist.
  2. Repeat orders are everything! Maintain your relationships on a personal level, and remind them when you have new offerings. If they are happy, they will look for new projects for you. Focus on them before looking for new customers. You want to be their go-to person when they are in a bind.
  3. Go for it! Commit to your business. You can’t start a business “half-way.” People aren’t going to make it work for you. Give it your all, and remember to be honest with yourself. Remember, your plan can change. If you’re honest with yourself, you can change the plan as needed and continue being successful going forward.

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