Episode 010 – How Michelle Bridger Went from Stay-at-Home Mom to FB Ads Expert for 8-Figure Entrepreneurs


Michelle Bridger is the go-to Facebook Marketing Expert. She has a proven track record of success helping multiple 6-, 7- and even 8- figure businesses gain a significant ROI utilizing the unparalleled potential of Facebook Advertising.

By working with Michelle, entrepreneurs are able to build authority and credibility and their bank account FAST, by putting them right in front of their ideal target audience.

In this episodes Michelle gives some awesome Facebook ads tips so you can grow your business with this powerful tool!

“Do Facebook ads… but with a strategy.”
– Michelle Bridger
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Relationships are key for growing your business. When you do good work and nurture your clients, you will get referrals to keep your schedule packed.
  2. Get started on Facebook ads knowing that you have to test. 95% of the time you have to test different images, copy, targeting, and more to find out what really works. Be specific with your copy and offer, then test small differences to figure out which works best.
  3. Make sure your vision is clear, and go into doing Facebook ads with a strategy.

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