What’s Working Now for Online Course Launches

What’s Working Now for Online Course Launches https://ventureshorts.com/launch-online-course/

What's working NOW for online course launches: www.ventureshorts.com/launch-online-course/Are you thinking about launching a digital product or online course? Read this.

When I launched my first course back in 2013 I wished I could have known what was working in the industry and what wasn’t.

I felt like there were so many tools aimed at me to purchase, so much advice flying around & so many people saying different things.

It was all very overwhelming to be honest.

Since then I’ve launched over 6 more online courses all bringing in 5 and 6 figures.

Now nobody will be able to say 100% what will work for you, your business & your ideas. But what I can do is share with you what is working for me now and more importantly, what isn’t.

My most recently launch was my new course, Profitable Courses.

Profitable Courses is a 9-module, instant & lifetime access digital course for ambitious, hard-working service-based entrepreneurs like you, who want to learn how to package and position their knowledge, skills and expertise to create a profitable online course.

I came up with the idea for this course when many people were asking me how I was able to launch 5 and 6 figure courses over and over again.

That’s sorta been the theme of my business, haha, people ask me how I do things so then I decide to teach them.
Super simple advice, but that’s exactly what I would recommend for you to do too in order to come up with your course idea.

Ok so back to launching.

Let’s pull out the stats.

Where did the traffic come from?

Traffic meaning people who bought the course, how did they find out about me & Profitable Courses.

  • 45% came from a FB ad we ran to promote my webinar
  • 20% came from a video training on how I launched my first 70k course
  • 15% came from scheduled buffer social media posts
  • 10% came from 6 days to 1k challenge I ran before launch
  • 10% came from organic traffic to website (pinterest, podcast, affiliates, etc)

Where did the sales come from?

What made the buyers of the course, fill out the checkout form.

  • 40% came from my webinars (same webinar but delivered 3 times)
  • 20% came from our launch emails
  • 20% came from my additional launch emails (I extended the launch by 12hrs due to the internet crashing & tech issues with our order forms)
  • 10% came from me promoting the wait list (email list, social media, etc.)
  • 5% webinar replay
  • 5% phone calls (I did a survey and asked if people were interested in learning about profitable courses to leave their phone # and I would call them)

I’m an Ontraport user so I was able to go in and see which leads the buyers originally opted in from and what was their last point of access before filling out the checkout form. This was able to give me better insight into their decision making process. It’s always super important to not just take the time to plan out your launch but to take the time to analyze your launch once it’s over & take notes for future launches.

So what would I do again next time and what would I do differently?

2 Webinar Topics: Since the webinars generated so many of the sales I would like to try for 2 webinar topics, putting more money into the fb ads to promote the webinar & just generally try to get more people on those.

More Money into FB Ads: The fb ads had a great return and helped to generate 45% of the sales of this launch.

More cart close emails: It’s so hard to get me to send even more emails because I never want to feel like I’m bothering people but at the same time, it works. People need to be reminded.

A 3-part PLC Video Series: I’ve done these in the past and they’ve always done very well for me. This time i decided to go for a challenge and all though there were many sign ups, very few of them yielded sales. Now I’ve done challenges in the past that have yielded many sales so they do work but I think for this particular course a video series would give me a chance to teach in a video format (which the course is in) and I think people want to see that (and make sure they like my teaching style, what I have to say, etc.) before they will invest.

No Phone Calls: I personally wouldn’t do the phone call idea again. This idea was given to me from somebody who has great success with phone calls, so it totally works for some. For me though I just felt like it was interrupting people’s days and I felt I made myself plenty available to answer any questions via email, my fb group, chat box on sales page, etc.

Webinar Replay: Honestly, I don’t know that I would do the webinar replay again. I feel like people just put it off and never end up attending. On top of that it didn’t yield many sales. I’m going to try no replays next time and see how the stats for attendance and sales differ.

FB Ads: FB ads were awesome & I will always continue to use them (well until the next shift haha). That said next time I would try running ads not only directly to the webinar registration page but also to a blog post and/or PDF that will then also mention the webinar. Conversion rates to get direct webinar sign ups are much higher than PDFs or blog posts so that’s something I will try next launch.

FB Live: I wasn’t really able to track from the FB Lives I did, something I will create separate link for next time and track better. That said the attendance for them was good and there was a lot of interaction, this is definitely something I will continue to do in the future. For this launch I used FB Lives to teach something and then mention the webinar. I also did a live Q&A the night of cart close to answer any last minute questions.

So there it is, the stats, in all their glory. I hope you enjoyed the stats as much as I did and if you have any questions at all I’d like to invite you into my free fb group, “Venture Shorts Community” for entrepreneurs.

We have an awesome community of entrepreneurs in there who are super smart, helpful, caring & motivated!

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