Episode 029 – How Kim Walsh-Phillips Positions Herself as an Authority with Free Content to Get More Clients


Kim Walsh-Phillips is the award-winning Speaker, Author, Podcaster and CEO of Elite Digital Group, a direct-response social media agency. Kim has brought in more thanĀ a billion dollars (without using Black Hat strategies) for her clients with her laser focus on increasing their revenue through direct-response marketing. She is author of the best-selling book, the No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing, with Dan Kennedy, is behind the daily podcast, “Facebook Sales Strategies” and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.

In this episode, Kim talks about how she was on a hamster wheel for 10 years with her business, only surviving because the bank covered her overdrafts. Learn how she turned it around to build a successful business:

“We were each created with a purpose, and that purpose is meant to be shared with the world.”
– Kim Walsh-Phillips
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Position yourself as an authority/expert. Write content that includes real proof, using your clients as case studies, and share your stories. It is especially powerful to write a blog post about why you are not the cheapest option. You should also self-publish a book to set yourself up as an authority. Don’t listen to the voices in your head that tell you aren’t good enough to be an authority.
  2. Leverage how you can help people and provide as much value as possible. Create a lead magnet that that is an actual tool, not just information. They perform way better as opt-ins.
  3. It’s not about working harder; it’s about doing something different. You have to pivot and find recurring/passive income that will help you grow your business instead of running on that hamster wheel and never getting anywhere.

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