Episode 053 – How to Find Work-Life Balance by Being Crystal Clear About Your Goals with Jeremy Reeves


Jeremy Reeves is a sales funnel specialist and the owner of JeremyReeves.com. Hes added about $50 million in revenue for his client in the past few years alone by working with his private done-for-you clients and his coaching clients.

In this episode, Jeremy talks about how to find work-life balance, even if you run multiple businesses and have a busy family:

“Know what you want.”
– Jeremy Reeves

3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Instead of blanket marketing and advertising, find clients that you know you can help, and directly target those people. The best way to reach clients is to contact them directly.
  2. Reducing stress comes down to consistency and discipline. You can have work-life balance if you set a schedule that works for what you want and stick to it. Put important things in your life like meditating and working out into your work schedule and check those tasks off every day.
  3. Be crystal clear about what you want in your life and wrap all of your other goals around that core. Before you jump on that hamster wheel and start spending all of your time making money, think about what you really want out of your life.

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