Episode 017 – How Jen Lehner Increases Her Profits with Twitter, Live Streaming, & Valuable Content

Jen Lehner Venture Shorts Podcast with Molly Marie Keyser

Jen Lehner is on a mission to simplify technology and digital marketing for entrepreneurs. She began her career in a non-profit, which taught her how to be resourceful in her marketing. The first in her crowd to get email, sell on eBay, and find a husband on America Online, Jen has always been fascinated by technology and the power it holds to allow us to take control of our destiny and connect us.

After launching a local marketing firm to help businesses learn to use digital tools to grow their businesses, Jen saw that the demand for this training was even larger than anticipated.

She created JenLehner.com and now sells online courses that teach entrepreneurs how to use social media and digital tools to grow their business.

In this episode, learn how she uses everything from Twitter to Live steaming to grow her business.

“You have to deliver value.”
– Jen Lehner
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Find someone who needs your services and offer your services in exchange for a testimonial and being able to use them in your portfolio. If you do a good job, you’ll get tons of referrals. Also, give away a ton of value online with content to help build your email list.
  2. Live streaming with Periscope, Facebook Live, Blab, and Google Hangouts is an awesome free way to get the word out about your business. They are easy to use, and if you have no experience, you can find lots of YouTube videos about how to use them.
  3. Outsource some of your day to day tasks so you can focus on what’s going to really bring in money. You shouldn’t do work that you can pay someone $8 per hour to do. Instead, focus on stuff like product development, which is going to bring in thousands of dollars per hour.

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