Episode 051 – Investing in Yourself to Grow your Business with Jason “J-Boom” Legaard


Jason J-Boom Legaard is an inspirational speaker, high level networker, coach and co-host of The Mindset Mountain Podcast. Jason has built J-Boom into an internationally recognized brand in the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, Australia and the UK. He was a featured guest on one of the top business podcasts on iTunes, Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas. Jason strives daily to inspire the fire in others to move from guilt to gratitude in order to achieve their greatness.

“You have to first be selfish if you’re going to truly become selfless.”
– Jason J-Boom Legaard

3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Video content is awesome for marketing a new business. This will allow you to connect with your audience from Day 1, because people can see, feel, and hear you.
  2. At the beginning, spend whatever money you have on mentorships, coaching, and education. That way you can learn the skills you need to actually succeed. Your foundation has to be YOU, so invest in your education.
  3. You need to take care of yourself first, before you worry about contributing and giving back to your audience. When you focus on you first, then you’ll have the time and money to serve others.

Resources Mentioned & How to Connect: