Interviewing 200 6-Figure Entrepreneurs Has Taught Me 5 Things & Why I’m Switching It Up – EPISODE 150

Interviewing 200 6-Figure Entrepreneurs Has Taught Me 5 Things & Why I’m Switching It Up - EPISODE 150

Interviewing 200 6-Figure Entrepreneurs Has Taught Me 5 Things & Why I’m Switching It Up - EPISODE 150


Hey guys!

So today I get to share with you something new and SUPER exciting.

I’m going to be changing up the Venture Shorts podcast layout here a bit.

This podcast will still have amazing info on starting, growing & monetizing your online business but instead of it being 100% interviews it’s going to be 90% solo episodes from me breaking things down like my multiple 6 figure launches, how I’ve grown my email list to tens of thousands of followers and how I continue to do so, how I create digital products that help my audience solve their biggest problems and now I monetize my online business.

I’ll also be doing an interview here and there such as: interview my fb ads girl on what we do for my fb ads for launching, how I outsource and what my VA does, how to make sure your online business is set up legally and properly and more!

So listen I’ve learned a lot from interviewing almost 200 6-figure entrepreneurs and if you’ve been listening to this podcast for some amount of time I bet you have too!

And it’s been a FUN and wild ride I wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING.

I have literally met some of the most amazing people and made some of the best connections in my life ever.

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast I would highly recommend starting out with an interview show or mixing in interviews with your solo show, if anything for just the people you will meet alone & the value they will bring to your audience.

It’s been great being able to help those on the show get more exposure as well!

Through my podcast alone I’ve booked speaking gigs, podcast interviews, guest blog posts, email swaps and so much more!

Hands down – podcasting is great for exposure for any and all parties involved, I would highly recommend it.

If you want to get more info on my podcast workflow & tools I use go to to download it for free

Me and the Venture Shorts team LOVE promoting each episode to the email list, social profiles & more in order to spread the word about these amazing guests we’ve had on the show!

When I first started this podcast though it wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows.
Although I’m not one to love re-inventing the wheel I thought the best way to learn podcasting would be to jump in head first and learn as I went.

And learn I did haha.

The beginning was a little rocky.

It truly takes a team to put on a 5 day a week podcast.

I have a podcast audio/video editor, project manager, VA to schedule interviews, graphic designer, VA do the show notes, me to record the episodes and so on.

So at first although I enjoyed doing it I thought why am I doing this for my business if I’m not making money at this?

Because in the beginning it’s not as easy to get sponsors which is one fast way to monetize your podcast but I had to remind myself…

…I started this podcast for a number of reasons:

-connect with others in the industry
-bring my audience amazing content
-grow my audience & my guests audiences

And in turn growing my audience is monetizing my podcast because I have products and programs that my audience buys in order to take their businesses to the next level.

I just wanted to highlight some of the thoughts I had in the beginning for anyone thinking or getting started in podcasting.

But what I want to chat about next is WHY I’m switching up my show configuration and what the top 5 takeaways were from my last almost 200 episodes in under a year with my podcast.

1. This industry is FILLED with brilliant and kind people

Seriously. Out of the 200 people I interviewed I had maybe 3 no show for their interview. And I mean in part I’m sure that was due to using scheduleonce and all the reminders we shared out as well as my VA being the awesome unicorn that she is.

But seriously it was SO much fun getting to know these business owners and sharing their stories with you guys!

2. You need to have a solid podcast workflow

Like I said earlier you can NOT do this alone. I mean sure technically you could but I’m not sure how you’d have time for anything else in your business – especially if you want to do multiple shows in a week.

You NEED to have a workflow. Now this is something we had since day 1 with the podcast but we certainly learned a lot as we went on.

We use asana and we schedule out all of the tasks in there. I would highly advise you take 2x as much time as you think you need to carefully plan out every step and then revisit it weekly until you have a well oiled podcast machine.

And again…

3. The more people you meet the more opportunities come your way

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best networker. Although my closest friends and family know me as a goofy loud mouth around new people I’m pretty shy. At conferences I can typically be found in my hotel room watching HGTV and writing emails, I know nerd right?!

And this is one of the reasons I wanted to do these interviews. I wanted my audience to see that even doing a podcast 5 days a week couldn’t even show ALL of the entrepreneurs that are killing it and that it is do-able for them too! But also because I needed to work on my networking skills if I’m being honest.

I wouldn’t say I’m anywhere near being a pro networker haha but interviewing all of these entrepreneurs has brought me a lot of great opportunities which has been priceless as well.

4. The more you help, the more you will receive help in return

It’s true. I naturally LOVE to help. It’s in my nature. So after each show a lot of times I’d say hey remember what you said here I have a book I think you’d love or X you need to check out. I wasn’t trying anything other than helping because it’s what I love to do but what I started to notice was the more I helped first the quicker I formed relationships with others who wanted to help me back as well.

So from one awkward shy networker to another if you’re not great at networking just try to be as helpful and generous as you can 🙂

5. I have so much I want to share with you guys!

The biggest thing I’ve learned, and pretty selfishly, is that doing all of these interviews leaves me no time to share with you guys everything that’s working for me in my business that I think you should be trying as well!

And simply put, that’s why I want to add in more solo shows. I want to tell you guys about my $170k launch I recently did & how I scored air time on some big name podcasts & how my funnels produce about $30k / month for just one of my businesses & how I grew my email list to 40k and consistently continue to do so!

I just LOVE sharing what has worked for me with you guys!

So simply put that’s why I’m changing it up.

And I’m SO excited for you to see what’s to come! And actually next week I’m going to be breaking down my 7 day $170k course launch for you guys and I couldn’t be more excited!