How to Get Paid to Run Facebook Ads & Build Your Email List, With Tripwires

How to Make Money Up Front with trip Wires

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of spending SO MUCH MONEY on FB Ads. 


Sure Facebook Ads rock & get results but they can get REALLY expensive and I’d much rather make sales right away rather then weeks down the line.


So let me ask you, how much does it cost you to acquire a customer through fb ads and how long until they purchase something (on average)?


Previously I would run ads and pay anywhere from $1-$3 for a customer to get onto my email list via a free PDF. And I would pay anywhere from $3-$6 for a customer to get onto my email list by signing up for a webinar.


It was worth the spend because I would always end up making way more then I was spending on ads BUT sometimes I wouldn’t see a sale from a customer for weeks.


And I don’t know about your but I’d rather get paid NOW. I’d rather not only break even on my fb ad costs but make a profit up front.


So here’s what I did to make that happen.


In the past I would offer my ideal clients a free helpful PDF in exchange for their name & email. I would pay to get in front of them on facebook, they would sign up for the freebie, I’d get a new lead into my email list & eventually I would do a live launch for a course or product and they would see it and hopefully buy.


Does that way work? Yes.


But here’s what works better.


Here’s one example of how I get paid to build my email list with ads.


I get my ad in front of my ideal customer and I offer them a free PDF. They put in their name and email address to get the PDF and instead of a regular thank you page I have what’s called a trip wire page.


A trip wire is a low priced product typically $1-$39 and the idea here is to get an incredible valuable offer in front of them that will get them results FAST and at a great price. The trick here is you want to make this offer so good that they can’t resist. Getting them to make that very first purchase is hard but once you can get them to make that first purchase (and you get them results with whatever it is you’re selling to them) anything else you offer them will be a no brainer purchase for them.


For my trip wire page I use a free+shipping offer. They get a helpful 1 page PDF printed and MAILED to their door. All they have to do is pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. I use ZenDirect to do this automatically. I love this trip wire idea because even though they’re getting it for free I’m able to offer them “upsells” on the following pages because their credit card is now (secured through ontraport) on file.

profit off fb ads with tripwires


You don’t have to do a free+shipping offer though you can simply do a digital download that is something they will want, that will help them & is low priced enough that it’s a no-brainer purchase for them.


Once they’ve purchased from the “trip wire” page instead of going to a thank you page I sent them to an up-sell page. This is where you offer them something else (typically something that is a no-brainer add on, something else they need/want) and since you have their CC on file from the last purchase they just have to click a button to add it to their order, they don’t need to re-enter their credit card details. This makes it super convenient, saves time & increases your chances of them ordering more from you.


If you’re curious what software I use for these thank you pages, trip wire pages & up-sell pages I use Click Funnels for one of my businesses & Ontraport for the other. They’re both amazing software’s and I’d highly recommend you check them both out and see which is best for you. You can even get a 14 day free trial of click funnels + my exact webinar marketing strategy funnel free when you sign up at


After they see the first upsell I always have a second upsell as well. Some people will go way further than this but for my business I find 2 upsells is plenty haha. After the second upsell I have a thank you page with an invitation to join my free webinar.


Now I could keep going but I don’t want to get off the topic of tripwires. So if you’re interested in learning more and seeing my entire webinar funnel click here.


I hope that this article inspires you to add a tripwire as a “thank you page” in order to break even or even PROFIT off of your fb ad spend.


Say goodbye to losing money due to fb ads and then making it up (potentially) weeks later.


That’s the old way, this is the new way.


So go now and implement! Then share your results in the Venture Shorts Community group on FB!