How I Gained 1k Subscribers in 24hrs with my Freebie Swap Method

Best Trick for Gaining Email Subscribers Fast

Grow Your Email List Fast with Freebie Swap Method you’re trying to grow your email list and, it’s um, taking foreverrrrrr.

So far you have a friend from high school, your dad and your significant other subscribed to your email list. Trying to reach more than just people on your personal fb page is proving to be a challenge.

So let’s speed things up for ya.

In this post I want to show you the exact method I used to gain over 1k email subscribers to my email list in the first 24 hrs of trying to grow my email list.

Before we dive into the step by step, a quick story (I swear this all ties in, patience grasshopper).

It was 2013 and I had just started my first online educational website for photographers. I started out sharing a few tips on my blog and then I created a helpful ebook that was for sale.

From there I was left thinking, ‘Ok, so what’s next? How do I blow the top off this thing?”

I had read online (basically everywhere) that growing your email list was the bees knees. And that if you ever wanted to reach 6 figures that there was basically no other way.

As I sit here in my sunlit home office in little ol’ Wisconsin writing this today I have to say, the above statement is 100% true. Growing your email list should be your #1 priority, end of story.

So I signed up for an email marketing provider (mailchimp is a great place to start) & created a freebie (aka an informative free PDF) that people could download in exchange for getting onto my email list. Essentially they enter in their name & email address and next they are added to my email list and auto sent the link to download my freebie.

I had created it. I had set it up. I posted it in a few places on my website and all over social media. 10 subscribers later I thought, there has to be a faster way to grow my email list.

So I thought ok what if I emailed my email list somebody else’s freebie in exchange for them emailing their email list my freebie.

And that my friends is how my “Freebie Swap Method” was born.

So now you’re thinking, “ok Molly I had 300 people on my email list, who’s going to want to swap with me?”

Well, you can do this in 1 of 2 ways.

1. You can find somebody with a similar size email list to swap with. (oh and you can try people with larger lists, doesn’t hurt to ask. If your freebie is really good you’re providing their audience with valuable content)

2. If you have a product/service for sale you can create an affiliate link for it and an affiliate link for your freebie (ejunkie is a great place to start). Then when they share your freebie with their email list if anyone from their email list purchases anything from you within 60 days (or however long you have the tracking cookie set for) they will get the % of your choosing of that sale.

Best Trick for Gaining Email Subscribers Fast

#2 is how I grew my email list by over 1k email subscribers in just 24hrs. However, I’ve used #1 method over and over with new businesses and it works wonderfully as well.

You see I sought out another blogger in my industry who I knew had a larger email list.

I told that blogger that not only would I advertise their freebie to my list but I’d also give them an affiliate link for my freebie and they’d get 40% of any sale that was made from that affiliate link within 60 days.

The blogger was on board and my list blew up overnight.

So, here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up for an email marketing provider
  • Create a “freebie” that your ideal client would LOVE to get their hands on
  • Create and set up your opt in
  • Pitch your freebie swap idea to 3+ entrepreneurs with email lists and a similar ideal client to yours

Then, watch the magic happen!

Now that you know HOW to grow your email list it’s time for you to learn how to turn those subscribers into BUYERS.

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