How & Why To Grow Your Facebook Messenger Following – EPISODE 153

How & Why To Grow Your Facebook Messenger Following - EPISODE 153

How & Why To Grow Your Facebook Messenger Following - EPISODE 153


Hey #BizVenturers!

Excited to chat with you today about fb messenger marketing. It’s like email marketing but using fb messenger!

When I first heard about this idea I was a bit unsure, like…

-won’t this annoy people
-can they unsubscribe?
-will this even work?

And honestly after testing it out for the last few months I can say: yes people can unsub at anytime, no it doesn’t annoy people – I get 90% OPEN RATES! – and it totally works.

So far I’ve used it to deliver freebies, get people onto my webinars, remind people about my webinars, send auto weekly classes via voice messages inside of messenger, send gifs, send blog post reminders – and so much more!

This is honestly one of the coolest things out there right now in my opinion.

So for this service I use it’s free if you don’t mind their URL along with your messages or it’s $10/mo – that’s the plan I’m on.

To go a little more in depth on it you can build up followers via many chat – just like you do with yoru email list – you can send broadcasts which means you write messages and you can send them asap you can also schedule to send them.

You can even create different lists of people who opt in based on different things.

Heck you can even set up auto responders and message sequences!

That’s right! So let’s say somebody opts into a certain page or by a certain method you can then send them a series of messages! ABOUT ANYTHING!

It could be trying to get them onto your webinar, welcoming them to your tribe, delivering them a freebie and following up with how to best use it, delivery pricing, ANYTHING.

It’s seriously so freakin cool and the possibilities are endless.

Not only can you send fb messenger messages with text in them but also images, gifs, voice memos, buttons – and more!

If you’re not excited yet – you should be!!!

Heck you can even create a fb ad where when they click on the ad it opens a message and they can message you and a sequence of auto responder fb messages can be auto sent to them.

Mind blown.

So now that you know what to use for your fb messenger bot and what it can do let’s talk about HOW TO USE IT.

1. Building a list on Many Chat – hello 90% open rates

You can use it to delivery freebies, on your thank you page for fb messenger reminders – I like to put my many chat opt in link on ALL of my thank you pages saying hey if you’d like a reminder about this via fb messenger click here. You can create landing pages for them to sign up for this within Many Chat.

2. Using it to reminder people of content: fb live, blog posts, webinars and more

You can simply send a broadcast to all of your subscribers or certain sequences based on how they signed up and send them a message about their upcoming webinar, or a new blog post or a fb live you’re about to do or did – so many possibilities!

3. Using it alongside fb ads to get people to take action

Run a facebook ad that’s retargeted to those who went to your sales page and didn’t buy and ask them to click on the ad to message you with any Qs! You can set up auto responses or you can answer them directly inside of the many chat portal.

Or advertise a freebie that they get by clicking and receiving your fb messages

4. Fb messenger content series

Get them to sign up to receive an info series from you on how to do something, how to solve a problem or something that’s entertaining

These are honestly just some of the more basic ways to use Many Chat there are SO many possibilities. Heck you can even use buttons in the fb messages to trigger different responses based on which buttons they choose for their answers – it’s crazy awesome.

So without going down a rabbit hole of ideas and overwhelming you guys I’d like to invite you to see just how this works and how I use many chat.

Oh and btw this isn’t sponsored by many chat, heck I don’t even have an affiliate link for them I just love their freakin’ service.

It’s incredible.

I hope today’s episode inspired you to grow an audience on fb messenger but just keep in mind I wouldn’t recommend yet to let this ever replace your email list building I would just recommend to use them both together.

This is still relatively new so we’ll see where this takes us first.

But I hope this has given you insight on why this is so groundbreaking and ideas on how you can use this to grow your business and increase buyer conversions.