Going Viral: How to Find Topics that Will Get Traffic to Your Blog

how to go viral and get blog taffic

Learn exactly how to find trending topics using different sources to help you get traffic to your blog and even go viral!In order for a blog post to go viral it needs to be a topic that interests a lot of people. But more importantly, if you want to get traffic to your blog in a way that actually matters, you need to make sure that your posts appeal and attract your ideal clients.

After all, what is the point of increasing your blog traffic if it is the wrong traffic. Page views are great but conversions are better.

As you’re generating blog post ideas, you always want to ask yourself two things:

  1. Does this have the potential to go viral?
  2. Does my ideal client care about this topic?

Whether or not your clients will care is a question you have to answer yourself, based on your customer profile… but I can help you generate popular blog post ideas that have the potential to go viral!

Here are some hacks for finding popular topics that can help you get traffic to your blog:

  • Social Media

Hashtags are an awesome way of seeing what is super popular right now. Even if whatever is popular doesn’t directly relate with your business you can find a relating story that does make sense for your blog. If you click “search” on Instagram it will show you the top posts and tags that are trending. You can apply this same concept to Twitter.

Pinterest actually has an entire category dedicated to what is popular right now. Go to the “popular” tab on Pinterest and see what’s popular right now!

  • Amazon

Survey Your Audience for Viral TopicsYou can also go into Amazon and see which books are the most popular in your niche. If it’s popular that means the topic is something people are interested in learning more about.

  • Google Analytics/Keywords

If you are already using Google Analytics or any other form of data tracking (and eh hem if you’re not, do it right meow), you can search and see which of your posts are the most popular. If some of your posts are much more popular than others it shows you that those topics are ones people are wanting to learn more about! You can always blog about the same topic in a different way, do a series of posts, or expand on the topic.

There’s also a section that is all about keywords. You can go in to see which keywords are already helping you get traffic to your blog, and write more about those topics.

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to find popular keywords relating to your blog topic. This is a long but super useful step-by-step tutorial to using Keyword Planner to find keywords you can use on your blog to get more traffic.

  • Audience Surveys

Survey Your Audience for Viral TopicsOne of the best things I’ve ever done for my business is to have a survey on my thank you page, which is the page they see after they opt into my email list (this is a great post about building up your email list if you aren’t doing that already).

You see once they opt in, they see the thank you page, and they take a survey. I created the survey with a bunch of questions asking them all about themselves. I ask what type of business they have, how long they’ve been in business, what their struggles are, etc. These surveys help me in a huge way in knowing what things my audience is needing help and advice on. This is a great resource on how to write a great audience survey and set it up.

If you’re kicking yourself because you’re not already doing audience surveys, it’s ok. You’re still in luck! Google is now offering a service where you can pay to get almost instant survey answers from an audience that you target. It’s called “Google Consumer Surveys.” This is also a great tool when you’re first starting out and don’t even have an audience to survey yourself.

  • Similar Blogs

Find blogs with a similar audience to yours and see which topics are the most popular. Now obviously I’m not saying you should see how they write their posts or what they say I’m simply telling you to focus on which topics are the most popular. From there you will need to construct your own unique post, title, etc.

You can also do a spin on the same topic, an update on the topic, etc. and then talk to the other blogger about cross-promoting one another. Networking, for the win!

As you’re going through these ideas and implementing them I want to encourage you to start listing blog topics ideas, as many as you can. Once you have a bunch go through and number them in order of importance/popularity.

Then you can start getting to work on writing posts that will help you get traffic to your blog, and even have the potential to go viral.

And if you’re having trouble finding the time to write blog posts, definitely check out The Productivity Formula! I’ve gone through slumps where it takes me a LOOOONG time to write just a few paragraphs, and the tips and tricks I share in The Productivity Formula have really helped me write more in less time, so I can focus on other tasks.