Get More Periscope Followers in 7 Steps

More Followers on Periscope How To

Are you looking to not only reach new ideal customers but also connect with your existing customers on a deeper level?

Build Your Periscope Following Faster with These 7 Tips /

Periscope, a new social media live streaming app by Twitter, may be the perfect fit for your business to reach more ideal customers and gain vital insights on already existing ones.

After joining and becoming obsessed with the potential of Periscope myself, I decided to put together a list of 7 ways you can quickly grow your following on Periscope.


1. Broadcast Swap:
The power of networking and co-marketing is unparalleled. You could team up and broadcast something helpful to each others Periscope audiences. Another way to do with would be to agree to share each others broadcasts to your Periscope audience. So for example, when you broadcast they would share your broadcast with their Periscope followers (by clicking on share, “share with followers”) and then you would do the same for them.

2. Share on Twitter/With Your Audience:
This one is pretty simple but it’s one you’re not going to want to forget. Every time you broadcast live don’t forget to have the twitter share button enabled so it tweets it out to your following. You won’t need to share with your periscope followers though because that is automatically done for you each time you live broadcast.

3. Viewer Goal:
When you start a live broadcast say you’re not going to start sharing your tips (or whatever Venture Shorts Molly Marie Periscope Tips Get More Followersit is you’re sharing) until you reach X amount of viewers. Then encourage those who are tuned in to click the person icon (or swipe left on Iphone) to share it with their twitter following and/or periscope followers. Also mention that if they’re tuned into the replay that they can still share and that you really appreciate it! Keep it fun!

4. Contest:
Have a contest with your audience and make one of the entries (or the sole entry for better traction) to follow you on Periscope. Say what the prize is, when you’ll announce it, and that you’ll choose the winner by random based on who’s following you on Periscope.

5. Have a Compelling Title:
You want to make sure that you’re letting people know the value of the periscope you’re doing from just a quick glance when they’re logged into Periscope. Also I want to encourage you to use hashtags and emoticons in your title. Emojis are a way to see what it’s about at a glance and without even having to read! Hashtags work well because when others and yourself shares this on social media it will be easily searchable.

6. Your Thank You Page:
If you have a thank you page that people see after they opt into your email list go to and add a note to follow you on Periscope (add a fun related photo or video for more traction). That way while they’re waiting for the freebie or email you promised them they can follow you on Periscope.

7. Host a Webinar via Periscope:
Tell people in order to sign up for your webinar they have to sign up for your newsletter and follow you on Periscope. Host your webinar via Periscope. TIP: Make sure that your webinar title and content is something people are really wanting so they’re dying to sign up.

I hope you found these 7 tips to get more Periscope followers helpful! I want to challenge you to put at least one of these into play in the next 2 days.

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