How To Run FB LIVE Webinars That Convert – EPISODE 158

How To Run FB LIVE Webinars That Convert




Ohhh you guys I’m SO STOKED for this episode. This was a crazy idea I had and decided to test it out and it just so happened to get me some crazy amazing results with my webinar conversions and I’m SO stoked to share this with you today.

I’m going to break down how I run webinars via FB live that convert super well and how you can to. I want to break down exactly how I do it step by step.

If you’ve ever tried to do webinar replays and they didn’t get you many sales then you’ll totally want to listen all the way through this episode and try this technique out asap or for your next launch.

So as I talked about in my previous episode, I’m in love with webinars. I’m in love with them because, simply put, THEY WORK. They get you sales when done right, period.

So having my method in place and knowing how well my webinars were converting – last one at 60% I was like huh. I wonder what would happen if instead of getting people to sign up early I just did the webinar live on facebook.

Then a few days later I saw a fb ad from Lady Boss – which is an online weight loss program and the owner, Kaelin Poulin was doing a facebook live where she was giving a presentation but with her on the camera and not slides and she was holding up sheets of paper.

It really held my attention and was fun to watch. She did it live and then ran fb ad traffic to it.

It got me thinking. What if I just printed off my webinar slides and did my presentation with me in front of the camera as a fb live going through my presentation and holding up my webinar slides.

So I decided to try it.

This particular webinar made $10k last time I did it so I was curious to see what it would do as a fb live.

So I picked a time, 7pm CST to do the fb live and I planned on doing it from my fb business page.

The only promotion I did was send an email to my audience which at the time was about 15k email subscribers and 1 social posts to my fb group which at the time was about 10k. I just posted the webinar title and where and when it would be taking place.

Then at the time I had set I pushed the button to go live and did my webinar presentation as a fb live.

I think the thing most people get wrong is they try to get all fancy and screen share their slides and try to be all professional.

People don’t want regular and professional they want you, real, raw you, fun, unscripted.

So what I do is I set up a tripod with my Ring Light and I put my phone on it vertically just like a regular fb live.

I don’t try to get all fancy.

I have my webinar slides printed off at kinkos and I go pick those up – it’s about $40 to have all 100ish of my slides printed off nicely.

Just make sure your phone is on the camera side that doesn’t make your words on your slides look backwards for your audience haha!

Once it’s time to press the live button and start I start my fb live webinars just like I’d start my regular webinars.

I welcome everyone and tell them we’re about to get started. I also set up a laptop so I can see the comments as they come up and I zoom in super close so I can actually see the comments as they come in.

I welcome each person, ask them to share where they’re from. Just like I said in my last full webinar episode it’s so so important to interact with everyone attending your webinar as much as possible.

Once it’s about 5 mins past start time I begin the presentation and ask/ answer questions throughout.

If you’re curious what’s all in my presentation and exactly how I do it check out my webinar podcast episode a few episodes back for the full details on that.

At the end of the webinar I do a Q&A and thank everyone for attending.

This was the very first FB live webinar I did I only promoted it 45 mins before I did it and right after it ended I had grossed $7,000 in sales.

After that I had my fb ad manager run fb ads to it for even more sales on autopilot.

If you want to try this method of promoting your digital products or course I would recommend you start with my episode a few episodes back on how to create your webinar.

Then once your webinar is created and you’ve presented it enough to get good results. Which btw good results imo is 10% conversion or higher.

After that that’s when I would give the presentation again as a fb live. If it does well then I would run fb ads to it.

If you have any bumps along the way just tweak and repeat.

Everything is tweak-able!