Breakdown Of My New Evergreen Course Funnel – EPISODE 154

Breakdown Of My New Evergreen Course Funnel - EPISODE 154

Breakdown Of My New Evergreen Course Funnel - EPISODE 154


Hey guys!

Who’s excited to chat funnels today? I have my clickfunnels Tshirt on and I’m ready to rock!

The funnel we’ll be talking about today is a breakdown of one of my course funnels.

I use this same step system for all of my evergreen courses.

I’ve launched this course live several times and now I want to put it on evergreen for awhile.

Every green means it’s always available and does not expire BUT as you’ll learn throughout this podcast episode there are several ways that I’m creating scarcity / urgency with this evergreen launch even though it doesn’t technically expire.

So first let’s start by breaking down the steps in the funnel.

  • Fb ads (fb live ad, picture ads)
  • Freebie: Grow your email list with freebies
  • Free + Shipping Email List Building Planner
  • OTO 1
  • OTO 2
  • Welcome Email Series (gets them onto the webinar)
  • Webinar – converts them into a buyer
  • Once they opt into webinar puts them into the evergreen launch sequence (if they haven’t purchased already)

As you can tell the ultimate purpose of this funnel is to drive traffic to the webinar as the webinar converts my ideal clients into students.

Now I don’t run my fb ads, my fb ad manager Jessica Walman does so although I won’t be talking much on fb ads I do want to talk on other sources of traffic as well.

Once the funnel is build and ready for traffic I have a number of ways I send traffic to this funnel.

The #1 way of course is fb ads but here are some of the ways I drive free traffic to my funnel:

I share my freebies in the following places. Remember when they opt into a freebie that puts them into my funnel:

  • Fb group cover photo
  • Fb group weekly posts
  • Fb page weekly posts
  • Weekly fb lives
  • Weekly and multi weekly blog posts where the call to action is the freebie or freebies in the funnel
  • Freebies pinned to pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Instagram stories
  • Affiliates

One time offers:

When they opt into my free+shipping offer this stores their CC on file so I can offer them one click upsells. This means I can offer them something and they don’t have to re-enter in all of their CC details they can just click yes or no if they want the offer.

Each upsell page has an urgency title, video of me, details and a yes add this to my order and a no my funnels are perfect (or whatever it is you’re offering them) for them to choose from.

I make sure these one time offers truly are a one time offer, they’re relevant to the freebie and end product I want to sell. You don’t want to stay from the topic otherwise they’ll opt into the freebie because they’re interested in that and then if you offer them a product that’s unrelated chances are they won’t be interested in that.

Welcome Email Series:

Once they opt in to any of my freebies of course on the thank you page is a mention for them to join my webinar but I want to take this a step further.

First off I for sure want to retarget my webinar fb ads to those who got any of my freebies but haven’t joined the webinar yet.

Second I want to send them my Welcome Email series.

Once they opt in they get put into what’s called an Action Funnel in Click Funnels. This sends them a series of auto emails on dates you’ve specified.

So for me I send them 5 emails about me and the call to action on each email is for them to join my webinar.

I got this idea from Russell Brunson’s book DotComSecrets and he goes into details about your 5 emails, how they should be a soap opera series, what that is & he even shares word for words scripts as well. If you don’t have this book yet I HIGHLY recommend it get a free copy by going to


Talking about webinars could easily be an entire podcast episode, scratch that, course in itself.

I have studied MANY webinar strategies from Amy Porterfield to Russell Brunson. They all have their own way of doing things and they’re all rocking at it.

I love to learn from others and then TEST TEST TEST and then repeat what worked for me and tweak and repeat.

Since this episode isn’t 100% about webinars I won’t be going into full details BUT I’d love to share with you a few of the parts of my webinar that I think help me get sometimes 60% conversions to purchasers.

So for me the top parts of my webinar that help me most to get conversions would be: interacting with webinar attendees / saying their names / answering their questions / interacting – using awesome closes to get people to make decisions right then and there I got some AMAZING closes from Russell Brunson which you guys can get at & having amazing scarcity and urgency. So having fast action bonuses they can only get if they sign up before the end of the webinar.

I should also share the software I use to host my live AND evergreen webinars is called Webinar Jam. I’ve tried MANY webinar softwares and webinar jam is by far the easiest to use and my favorite. I’ve never had any problems with it and I do on average 20 live webinars a year and evergreen webinars running always.

You can check out webinar jam at

Evergreen Launch Sequence – How do you create scarcity and urgency if it’s ever green?

Deadline Funnel / Timers (forward pages) / end date specific to them

Action email funnel aka auto email sequence: So just like I shared in my $170k launch podcast episode – these emails are for about 7 days 1 per day except on the last few days I send two emails. These are telling them about the program, sharing student testimonials, sharing bonuses, sharing behind the scenes videos and more.

Another way to create scarcity / urgency: Price will be going up next time we launch

If you want to get a free trial of clickfunnels & my webinar funnel go to

Alrighty so that’s a quick overview of my course evergreen funnel, I hope you found this inspiring, interesting educational or all of the above.