EPISODE 101 – Erin Chase on How To Design Your Ideal Work Week

How to design your ideal work week

How to design your ideal work week

Erin Chase is the founder of $5 Dinners, the $5 Meal Plan & MyFreezEasy meal plan memberships. When not whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen, you’ll find her keeping up with her 4 rambunctious boys!

“Work-life balance can be achieved, you might just have to pay for it.”
– Erin Chase
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. A great way to drive traffic to your blog, especially when using social media, is by using the curiosity factor. If you can make potential readers curious about what you have to say just from reading the title and a short snippet (without being click bait-y), they’re much more likely to click through to the rest of the article.
  2. When utilizing Pinterest group boards, try to aim for boards that have a similar size following as you do. For example, if you have a following of a couple thousand people, try to join other group boards with a similar size following. If you try to join larger group boards, the creator of the board will most likely be concerned that you’re going to spam the board a lot.
  3. If you’re getting sick of working 15-hour days, sit down with your calendar and start planning. Plan out each day and block off the time you want to work, and give yourself roughly half the time you think you need to get something done. Chances are, you can still get it done in a smaller amount of time – you just have to be dedicated to it.

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