EPISODE 107 – Eliot Wagonheim and The Two Things That Are Critical For Your Business’s Success

Eliot Wagonheim and The Two Things That Are Critical For Your Business's Success

Eliot Wagonheim is a speaker, strategist, author and educator who works with clients to embrace, rather than inhibit, innovation. Through his FARsighted platform, Eliot serves as a confidante, mentor, strategist and sounding board for entrepreneurs and organizational leaders.

“If you’re genuine, that will help build your audience more than a lot of social media posts.”
–¬†Eliot Wagonheim
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. When building your customer base, pick a client (or a few) that you really love working with that really embodies your ideal client. Take them out for coffee, and ask them about the things that you do that they like, what you could do to improve, etc. Using their critiques will allow you to attract more perfect clients just like them in the future.
  2. Good reviews are helpful because they let you know that you’re on the right track. However, bad reviews can be even more helpful because they may help you fill in some gaps that your product/course/service is missing. Incorporate those critiques, and it will only make whatever you’re selling that much better.
  3. There are two characteristics that are central to any successful business: empathy and compassion. Empathy allows you to understand and feel what your clients are thinking and feeling. Compassion is what you do with that knowledge.

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