EPISODE 088 – Dan Henry and How To Be A Facebook Ads Targeting Master

Dan Henry on Mastering Facebook Ads

Dan Henry on Mastering Facebook Ads

Meet 29 year old entrepreneur and millennial, Dan Henry: a pizza boy first focused on being the best pizza boy he could be and developing relationships with his customers. Struggling and barely making enough money in the streets of Chicago with no desire to go to college, he decided to spend 2 years learning everything he could about building a business online. He went from a pizza boy to making 6 figures online in just over a year, and then began to quickly build several successful companies using social media marketing, accumulating more than 1 million dollars in sales.

“Know what your customers really want, and don’t think that you know. You don’t know until you ask.”
– Dan Henry
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. The most important thing you can do with Facebook ads takes place before you even run the ads, and that’s customer research. The more customer research you do, the easier it will be to write copy when it comes time to actually put together the ad.
  2. When it comes to targeting Facebook ads, answer the question “What’s something that only my ideal customer would like?” The more specifically you can answer that question, the more likely our ads will show up to exactly the right people.
  3. Don’t think you know what your customer wants. Really take the time to find out. Email them, ask them, take them out to lunch. Ask questions and really get to understand what they need. The better you know, the better your Facebook ads experience will be.

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