Which is better: Click Funnels or Ontraport? – EPISODE 155

Which is better: Click Funnels or Ontraport?

Which is better: Click Funnels or Ontraport?



It’s no secret that you need an email marketing provider. It’s crucial to your business that you build a strong base of ideal customers/email subscribers. Email always trumps social media because YOU own it! Social channels might be shut down (hello MySpace) but you “own” your email marketing and can back it up, etc.

So at this point you probably already know you need to be building your email list up but you might be feeling super overwhelmed by how many different email marketing providers there are. There are literally hundreds of different options.

For me personally I use both Clickfunnels and Ontraport.

I often get the question well which one is better? And although I’d love to say one is better than the other I think they both have their pros and cons and it just depends on what you’re needing more of so I’d love to break down the pros and cons for you guys today in hopes that you find it helpful in making your decision to get one of these or switch to one of these email marketing providers.

Before we do that I’d love to chat a bit about how I use each software specifically.

I use ontraport for my business Boudie Shorts. I’ve been using it since 2012-2013. I use it for building my email list, creating opt ins/landing pages, hosting my online courses, creating sales pages, creating checkout forms, send emails, building auto email sequences, building funnels, sending auto texts, sending auto postcards and probably many more things I can’t think up off the top of my head.

Click funnels I found out about this past January when I attended the Funnel Hacking Live conference put on by Russell Brunson. The conference was hands down the best conference I’ve ever attended so far. For me, it was life changing & extremely motivating.

They did a demo of Click Funnels at the conference and I knew I Had to try it out. I decided to dive head first and use Click Funnels 100% for my Venture Shorts (this lol) business.

For me click funnels was harder to learn since I already knew ontraport really well BUT if I was brand new to email marketing I would think click funnels would be much easier to learn. I enjoy how simply it is. At first I was annoyed that they didn’t have all the features of ontraport but then I realized I really didn’t need those things and that it was just extra steps taking away from my over all goal. Plus you can hook up click funnels with Zapier to pretty much connect any features you want like auto sending post cards, heck you can even auto send people brownies, it’s insane lol.

Click funnels does landing/opt in pages, sales pages, email marketing, auto email sequences (they call these action funnels), auto texts, course hosting (in fact you don’t even need wordpress for theirs you can host your course in minutes), creating checkout forms & lots more.

The pros I see right now for ontraport over click funnels is: 1) Ontraport’s customer service gets back to you faster but click funnels is a much newer company and ontraport used to have similiar customer service when they first started so I’m confident it will continue to get faster. 2) Ontraport has “rules” which allows you to trigger anything based on the action of anyone or anything. It’s SO limitless that it’s hard to explain so if you’re really techy this is an awesome feature. You can auto send texts and post cards within ontraport without having to set up anything outside of ontraport. You can also hook up ontraport with Paypal where as click funnels doesn’t give the option of paypal but rather Stripe.

The pros of Click Funnels as I see it right now are: their pages are AMAZING, beautiful, easy to create & you can with 1 extra click design the same page specifically for mobile as you can for desktop. Click funnels also has 2 step order forms. These have proven to increase your purchases. I do also love Click Funnels course hosting, if you’re not techy or a beginner or you just like saving money this is an amazing feature and SO easy to set up. You can host your entire online course in minutes. In fact I use it to host my membership site Startup to 6 Figures. Click funnels also really focuses on, you guessed it, funnels. So each project you start is a funnel and you can build pages within that funnel. I think this is amazingly intuitive because this is THE KEY to passive income.

Overall I really love both companies and as I said they both truly have their own pros and cons. They both have certification programs too which means if you’d rather skip learning this all together you can just hire somebody to do it all for you.

Also both companies have amazing training video series for you to be able to learn this easily. I learned Ontraport in about a month (granted I was 100% new to email marketing) and I learned Click Funnels in 2-3 weeks. And I mean keeping in mind you never stop learning with these types of softwares, as you shouldn’t.

As far as price they’re around the same too. They both have limiting options around $70/mo and then full suite options for $297/mo. I think a lot of people see the $297 price tag and think that’s so expensive so they go with a cheaper company but what they’re not realizing is those cheaper options don’t come with everything and you end up having to purchase additional month suybscriptions which makes it all overall more expensive.

I’d love for you to try one or both out and let me know your thoughts! I have a 14 day free trial of click funnels for you plus my auto webinar funnel for free which you can get at ventureshorts.com/click

I don’t believe Ontraport has a free trial (I could be wrong) but they do have a demo sign up on their home page which you can check out along with all their other info at ventureshorts.com/ontraport

If you’re a use of one or more of these softwares or you try them out I’d love to hear your thoughts over in the Venture Shorts Community FB group. It’s free to join and we can carry on this fun nerdy convo over there! I’d love to answer any questions you have too to see if one is a better fit for you then the other.