Breakdown Of My $170k In 7 Days Course Launch – EPISODE 151

Breakdown Of My $170k In 7 Days Course Launch - EPISODE 151

Breakdown Of My $170k In 7 Days Course Launch - EPISODE 151



Hey #bizventurers!

I’m super stoked today to breakdown my launch from a couple months ago where I did $170k in 7 days.

Now there is SO much that goes into building a course and launching it and I talk about ALL of that and show you step by step in my online course at


Today I want to break down the launch in terms of what I did to build my email list during launch, get people excited about the coming launch, drive traffic to my pre launch content, webinar & more and of course how I turned a % of those into buyers!!

Since there is SO much to cover in today’s episode I just decided to make myself bullet points of all the main things I want to touch on.

I also wanted to note before we dive in that I’m going to be doing another episode next month with my FB ads girl Jessica Walman on everything we did for the fb ads, what the spend was & what we’d do again and differently next time.

Ok so here we go!

  • This launch was for my course called Boudoir Marketing Camp which is a 4 module course with lots of amazing guest bonuses that help boudoir photographers get boudoir clients into their studio on a more consistent basis. So booking more clients – more consistently.


  • The course was $997 pay in full or 12 payments of $99 – I raised the course price by a lot, last time it was $697 – and I found this was a GREAT move on my part – my students seem to be taking it even more seriously than last time and once you hear the sales I think you’ll agree as well


  • The pre launch started about 3 weeks before the actual launch – I started sharing relevant freebies, blog posts & stories on social media that led to the wait list page for boudoir Marketing Camp. I also started promoting the Boudoir Marketing Challenge via social media, 3 emails & fb ads.


  • Next was the Boudoir Marketing Challenge: 3 part video series – this started 2 weeks before launch with 1 video per week and these gave helpful actionable content and then the last video promoted the course.


  • Two weeks before the launch I was also promoting the webinars with social media posts, 3 emails & fb ads – I pushed the hardest to get people on the 3 live webinars.


  • The webinars were Tuesday at noon, 7pm and wed 9am and we had about 2k register for them total – 60% of all gross sales came from the webinars


  • When enrollment day was open we changed out our fb headers for enrollment open graphics + first email in the description area with the sales page link


  • We also had two fast action bonuses: done for you social media templates & promotional video scripts – they had to enroll first day to grab these bonuses & then we extended the offer 2 more days where they had to sign up by X day to get the bonuses

  • We had a sales page copy written & designed of course and The main thing I want you to take away from the sales page we did was that we had I TONS of testimonials and screen shots compiled as well as I lined up a number of students to interview to get testimonials from them as well and this helped a lot!


  • I also did 1 live webinar via FB live where I had my slides printed off and held them in my hand as I walked them through the presentation fb live style – $10k of the gross sign ups came from the fb live style webinar


  • I did NOT offer any replays aside from running ads to the fb live webinar I did – I NEVER get conversions from webinar replays so I don’t even offer them anymore.


  • We ran 7 days of launch emails + 1 bonus email each of the last 2 days – I also send an email asking why people didn’t enroll and when I found out their answers like payment forms not working etc I decided to open enrollment for another 12 hours and almost 20% of all gross sales came from those 12 hrs.


  • I also did a FB live at 7pm cst on the last day of launch to answer any last minute questions – one of the emails in our launch sequence shared the link and time so people could hop on and this wasn’t a mind blowing number of sign ups from this but enough that it was worth it


  • Also one of the launch emails contained a video I made going inside the membership site and showing them everything included & all the benefits + a link to sign up


  • In total the numbers were – 124 payment plans – $12,276 – 18 pay in fulls (next launch I offered an incentive for pay in full and this doubled our pay in fulls) – $17,946 ($32,505.50 in net sales during launch – including upsells)


  • 142 total purchasers


  • 18 purchased upsell #1 $99 – model call (about 12% of buyers) – $1782


  • 17 purchased upsell #2 $29.50 – social media templates (about 12% of buyers) – $501.50


  • Total launch gross was $170,355 – this is almost triple the last few times I’ve launched this course


  • I did not use affiliates for this launch and in fact I have since discontinued my affiliate program for Boudie Shorts until further notice


  • I offered a 30 day money back policy, no questions asked – yes we did have some refunds, which is normal but our lowest request of refunds yet.


  • In the past I’ve def had people just stop paying but this is a business and you wouldn’t be able to just ignore a payment plan for your car, or your college loans so why should I let that happen to my business? So we’ve started implementing it’s a collections agency – just wanted to be real with you guys that this stuff DOES happen and that’s the website if you’re interested in looking into it.


  • I have all my students fill out intake form when they enroll in one of my courses – once interesting thing I’m finding is that it’s a really good mix of those who have been on my list awhile and those who just found out about me that week.

What would I do differently next launch?

  • I would do my pre launch content video series as fb lives instead and run fb ads to those – I would use them to create authority, help me audience & get them onto my webinar to learn more


  • I would increase my fb ad spend knowing the conversion rate of my webinars


  • I would increase my ad spend for freebies building my email list and warming up my list 30 days before my launch more


  • I would make some of the launch emails more story based, fun & touch on more of the pain points I received from the intake forms


  • I might open it up to affiliates – affiliates are great but I find this is such a niche topic that I have a hard time finding affiliates that bring in enough sales to make running the affiliate program worth it to be honest


  • I would promote the 7pm last night of launch Q&A better and with retargeted fb ads


  • I would incorporate Many Chat which is facebook messenger automated messages – I used this for my most recent launch and got open rates of 90%!!!! I’m also going to be talking about using fb messenger in your online business in an upcoming podcast episode so stay tuned!

All in all it was easy to see that free pre launch content to wake up and build the list, fb ads & webinars are the 20% bringing in the 80%. I LOVE looking over past launches like this and really diving into what worked REALLY well vs just ok so I can amplify that next time to amplifly the launch and reach / help more boudoir photographers with Boudoir Marketing Camp.

I hope you enjoyed this launch break down and stay tuned next month when I have my fb ads lady Jessica Walman on the show to break down our fb ad spend and numbers.