Episode 020 – How to Use Instagram to Build Your Business with Amanda Tress


Amanda is a digital marketing consultant, mom of two, and personal trainer. Amanda has spent over 10 years helping women get fit and healthy and now she enjoys the privilege of helping female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry generate significant income with the purpose of recirculating wealth back out to their family, church, and community. Amanda uses her expertise in digital marketing and passion for wellness to empower female entrepreneurs to succeed with their small business.

“Make sure you’re being driven by a unique purpose.”
-Amanda Tess
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. On Instagram, hashtags are huge. You can also get new leads by finding influencers in your niche on Instagram and engage with the people who are following them.
  2. Spend time working on your strategy every week. Carve out time to work in your business, not just on it.
  3. Make sure you are passionate about what you do. Don’t create a business that you don’t like. Make changes in your business, and don’t be afraid to say no.

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