Episode 015 – From $800 a month to a 6-Figure Business with Alyssa Gavinski

Alyssa Gavinski Venture Shorts Podcast with Molly Marie Keyser

Alyssa Gavinski is a mother of four kids under 7, wife to a superhero, and a kick ass web designer and creative director. She creates beautiful things and works with women who have their own dream. She provides a platform for women to showcase the business they love.

Watch this episode to learn how she built a 6-figure business over the past 18 months!

“Enjoy where you’re at, but always be willing to grow.”
– Alyssa Gavinski
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3 Key Points from This Episode:

  1. Set bigger goals for yourself. Be happy with how you’re doing, but know that you can do even better.
  2. Be visible! Find where your clients hang out online, and be there posting valuable content. Show that you’re an expert in your field and be personable by sharing about your life so you can make connections with potential clients.
  3. It’s all about mindset. All businesses go through feasts and famines. Worrying is not going to help you, so don’t spend your time and energy on it. You decide how you’re going to react.

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