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Believe it or not I started my first business at age 19 with only .81 cents to my name.

I didn’t have high end equipment, a nice computer, an office or dun dun dun.. even the internet! Heck I didn’t even have my own place to live, I was living in my Grandmother’s guest bedroom, glamorous right?

For years I struggled with side jobs I hated, sitting through college classes I wasn’t interested in because I thought I had to, and generally being unhappy where I was.

All I knew is that I had a passion a passion for business, and I needed a job that I didn’t hate going to every day.

So what do you do when you’re unhappy with where you are?

You take the needed steps towards change!

..and so I did.

Fast forward and through the appropriate marketing, pricing, and sales strategies I had taken that .81 cents and turned it into a six-figure photography business. (…but I don’t just help photographers, keep reading…)

My successful photography business had caught attention from other photographers and soon I was sought after to mentor and teach other photographers around the world how to do the same.

I started an online blog-site called “Boudie Shorts,” to share my tips through online training’s with multiple photographers at once all around the world through courses, mentoring, and digital products.

In the first year my educational blog-site brought in $45k as a side gig.

The next year I had launched my first online course and grossed almost $70k IN 7 DAYS! My total sales yearly are now in the hundred thousands.

I have since automated, outsourced, and hired employees as much as possible to create a more freeing lifestyle.

Heck a few months ago I took the entire month off to travel Europe while my businesses still made plenty of money. (…and yes, plural businesses. I still run that site for photographers, this one & my portrait studio.)

I’m not telling you all of this to brag though.

I have no formal training, and no college degree.

I’m sharing this with you because if you have passion and drive to help others, you can do this too!

And I want to show you how.

YOU can create an online business around your passionate knowledge and ENJOY what you do!

You can have a flexible schedule to travel and reach your personal goals faster!

See it took me 9+ years to get to where I am today because I did it mostly through trial and error.

But I want to share with you what I know NOW through my business tips, strategies, and marketing secrets so you can see success much faster!

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