How I Converted 60% of My Webinar Guests to Buyers – EPISODE 156

How I Converted 60% of My Webinar Guests to Buyers



I talked about this in my $170 in 7 days launch which was a few episodes back but I talked about how webinars produce most of my course sales during live and automated launches.

Webinars are an amazing way to provide helpful free trainings to your audience or new leads to show them you’re an expert, you can help them and you know what you’re doing. They’re also an amazing way for you to interact with your audience in real time.

My favorite part of webinars is having real live conversations with you guys and being able to answer your questions in real time along the way as well.

Doing webinars to grow your audience, promote your new products or service isn’t quite ground breaking news though right? I mean people have been selling their products this way for years. Even I’ve been doing them since 2013 but what’s different now is how well my webinars are converting those who attend into buyers.

When I first started doing webinars in 2013 I basically winged it. I figured hey I’ve attended classes in college so it must be something like that. So I put the info I wanted to share into slides and then the last slide or two I mentioned how they could learn more from xyz online course.

Sure I got some sales but I was lucky to convert 5% of those attending into buyers.

It wasn’t until a year ago I started to really seek more help in getting my webinars to convert better. One thing I did know was that if I wanted to improve on something I had to find who was the expert in that area and learn from there.

There’s never any sense in reinventing the wheel am I right?

I asked around for who were the go to people on learning webinars and over and over again I kept hearing two names:
-Amy Porterfield
-Russel Brunson

Without hesitation I purchased both of their online courses on the subject. When I get a good referral for an online course attached with somebody I know getting amazing results I never hesitate to sign up.

Honestly both courses were great and I highly recommend both. If you’re starting from the beginning I would take Amy’s course first. Amy does a great job of breaking everything down step by step in easy to follow modules. I completed her entire course in 1 night but I’ve heard it takes most people a few weeks – I’m just a bit intense like that haha! Aint nobody got time to wait around for webinar monies 😉

Amy’s course not only does a great job of taking you step by step on what to do in the webinar but also how to fill it, how to design it, how to get people to show up & lots of awesome scripts and templates along the way.

My webinar results went from 5% to 10-15% with Amy’s help.

Next I took Russell’s course which I’ll be honest I haven’t even watched all the videos yet but oh I will. I had time a free night before one of my webinars I had planned awhile back and decided to watch his 1st video and learn it all that night and make some last minute tweaks to my webinar. Pretty crazy but also ended up being one of the best things I ever did.

The thing that rocks so hard about russell’s course on webinars is that he teaches you how to sell. He teaches you the science behind what you should share, what you shouldn’t share, how to share it, what your flow should be & most importantly his closes. Oh his sales closes are GOLD.

After implementing what I learned from Amy and then adding russel’s Stack Method and Closes on top I converted my webinar the next day at 60%, no joke, 60% of those who attended my webinar purchased my online membership.

If you’re wondering Amy’s course which again, highly recommended, Amy is just the sweetest and so freaking brilliant, is called “webinars that convert”

Russel’s webinar training is called webinar secrets and you can get it by going to

Russell being the amazing funnel guru that he is made it though so that when you go to the link I mentioned for Perfect Webinar you have to buy is trip wire $5 free+shipping offer before you’re even invited to purchase his webinar training – which is brilliant and hilarious all on it’s own BUT it’s so worth it as his webinar training is brilliant.

I believe both webinar training’s come with money back guarantees too.

In addition to those training’s after doing so many webinars I’ve learned a few key things will really help your sales:

  1. Be sure to interact with those on your webinar as much as possible. Welcome people to the webinar, say their names, ask them questions, answer their questions – the more you can interact the better your sales will be, end of story
  2. Make sure your reminder sequence for the webinar after their opt in is REALLY good. Somebody might sign up for your live webinar a week before it actually happens. If you’re not constantly in touch with them reminding them how uniquely awesome and helpful you are they’ll forget about you in a second.
  3. Make sure you have an offer with bonuses or discounts or whatever you can possibly do to beef up your offer that they can only get if they enroll before the end of the webinar. You NEED to have an amazing call to action that makes them take action right then and there, no exceptions.

To see my exact webinar presentation in action go to –

If you couldn’t already tell I’m pretty in love with webinars and here’s why – THEY WORK. It’s not just me they’re working for ether look at any entrepreneur with amazing online course or digital product sales I bet you live and or auto webinars are behind their success.

I urge you to add webinars into your launch or auto funnels, you won’t regret it!

I hope you found these tips helpful and if you want to check out my webinar that converts 60% go to – you can register for my auto webinar and see my exact presentation and exactly how I do it.